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Try our MCTbar Sampler for free (just pay shipping) and then get a 12-pack MCTbar box of your favorite flavor delivered every month with 12% off and free shipping.

Try 'Em Out

We'll start by sending you four MCTbars, two of each flavor—caramel sea salt and cocoa. Discover your favorite!

Get MCTbars Auto Delivered

Once you place your order you'll be signed up for our monthly MCTbar delivery. The default shipment is a 12-pack of our top selling flavor, Caramel Sea Salt, but you can change your flavor or cancel anytime. Get 12% off every box, every time, plus free shipping.

Change or Cancel Anytime

Every month, we'll send you an email before each order to change flavors or skip as needed. You can change your preferences anytime in your Manage Subscription dashboard. We're always here for you—email us at with any questions or issues.


When will I be charged for my MCTbar subscription?

You'll receive your free sampler, then 14 days later you'll be enrolled in our monthly MCTbar subscription. Your 12-pack monthly MCTbar box will ship and you'll be charged.

How much will I be charged after my free sampler comes?

You'll get our 12-pack of MCTbars delivered monthly at $38.99 $34.31—that's 12% off every month, plus free shipping.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes. Cancel shipments in your Manage Subscription dashboard.

Can I skip or delay a delivery?

Yes. Change or delay shipments in your Manage Subscription dashboard.

Can I change my flavor?

Yes. The default shipment is our best seller, 12-pack Caramel Sea Salt MCTbars. But if you want to switch flavors, you can change your preferences in the Manage Subscription dashboard.

Can I tell you how much I love your MCTbars?


What's included: 2 Caramel Sea Salt bars and 2 Cocoa bars in the MCTbar Sampler. Then, a 12-pack of Caramel Sea Salt MCTbars delivered each month. 
  • 2g net carbs per bar
  • Tastes like dessert, but without the added sugar or additives
  • 5g MCTs derived from 100% coconuts
  • 10g grass-fed collagen protein
  • Keto-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
  • Deliciously satisfying and perfect for on-the-go


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