MCT Oil Powder

Product image 1MCT Powder from MCTco
Product image 2Back Label for MCT Powder from MCTco
Product image 3Back Label for MCT Powder from MCTco
Product image 4Nutrition Label for MCT Powder from MCTco

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MCTs are a high quality fat source that can provide fuel for your brain and body to meet the demands of your day.  MCTs are a special kind of fat that is quickly absorbed and digested providing a readily available energy source to power your lifestyle.

MCT Oil Powder, like it sounds, is MCT Oil put into a powder form to meet different demands.  MCTco combines their MCT Oil with a special type of fiber known as soluble corn fiber that has been shown to be a preferred option for low-carb dieters.

MCT Oil Powder can make a great thickening agent to add to your coffee or tea, shake or smoothie, or low carb recipe.  It is also unflavored making it universal to meet your needs!


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