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Where can I buy MCTBar?

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Online: You can buy MCTBars directly from our website.

In-Store: Check out where you can find us near you on our store locator.

My local stores don't carry MCTBar. What should I do?

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One option is to speak to the Grocery Manager where you shop. You can tell them you’d love to see MCTBars on the shelf, and be sure to mention your favorite flavors. Until then, you can order MCTBars directly from our website.

Can you send free samples?

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Sadly, we can’t ship individual bars to send as samples. But, we stand by our bars 100%. We make it easy for you to return your order if you are not completely satisfied with MCTBar. Please see our exchanges and returns FAQs for more details.

How do I apply my discount/promo code?

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In the checkout page, there will be a discount/promotion code box where you will be able to enter your code in.

My discount/promo code isn't working, what should I do?

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If you are having issues using a discount code, please check the following:

1. Ensure that the "Shipping Address" fields have been filled in completely 
2. Check that the code was entered correctly 
3. Ensure that your order is not a Subscription (discount codes cannot be applied to subscription orders).


How do I track my order?

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As soon as your order ships, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with your UPS tracking ID number. If you have an MCTBar account, you can also find your tracking ID number in the Order History section of My Account.

How long will it take to receive my order?

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We do our best to ship out in-stock orders the next business day. Once your order leaves our facility, you can expect your delivery within 2-5 business days.

I live in a hot place and I don't want my bar to melt. What are my options?

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MCT makes our bars with real ingredients, including chocolate. REAL chocolate is temperature sensitive and will melt without climate-controlled shipping.  In the hotter months of summer, we offer temperature-sensitive, cool shipping for an additional $4.95 per box. This cool shipping is not guaranteed but does help in preventing the chocolate from melting.

Where do you all ship to?

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We currently only ship within the United States. For those outside of the U.S., our team is working to expand our business and shipping worldwide, including Canada, so please stay tuned.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

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Not right now, but this feature will be coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates!

Exchanges & Returns

Can I return my purchase?

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About MCTBars

What is MCTBar?

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An MCTBar is a unique meal replacement bar that utilizes MCT Oil for fuel instead of added sugar.

Why MCTBar?

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For starters MCTBar is a great tasting keto friendly protein bar with added medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s). Previously, the most common way to add MCT’s into your diet was through MCT oil typically in your morning coffee. But what if you’re not a coffee person? Or looking to get MCT’s fast and on the go, the answer is the MCT bar. Currently, MCTBar is the only bar on the market which has 4.7g of MCT oil in it.

What does MCT stand for?

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Medium Chain Triglycerides.

What are MCT’s?

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MCT’s or medium chain triglycerides are saturated fats with 6-12 carbon bonds. What makes MCT’s so special is that they are metabolized differently compared to long chain triglycerides. MCT’s are broken down by the liver giving you a quick energy boost. Also, MCT’s are easily transferred into ketones, which is why MCT supplementation has become so popular in the low carb ketogenic community. MCT’s have been shown to improve energy levels, cognition, satiety, and may even aid in weight loss.

Are all MCT’s created equal?

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Not exactly there are four different types of MCT’s based on carbon length: 

1. Caporic acid (C6) 
2. Caprylic acid (C8) 
3. Capric acid (C10) 
4. Lauric acid (C12) 

In an MCT product your looking for the composition as this may affect taste, breakdown rates and effectiveness. While broken down quickly C6 is not common in supplemental form as it does not taste good. C8 and C10 on the other hand are broken down quickly, taste good and have been shown to increase ketone production to a greater degree compared to C12. Contrastingly C12 has been shown to have greater anti-microbial properties. Therefore, when looking to supplement MCT’s for energy and performance you want to make sure you select a product high in C8 and C10.

What are other sources of MCT’s?

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MCT’s can also be found in coconut oil, MCT oil, palm oil and whole milk!

What is MCT Oil?

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A unique source of energy derived from coconuts, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is metabolized rapidly to give you long lasting energy, assist in weight loss, and optimize performance.

MCT Oil vs. Powder?

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MCT oil has well established health benefits and as a result has gained a lot of popularity of a general health supplement. However, there are several limitations affecting its widespread use. First off, some individuals may experience GI distress limiting the amount of MCT’s they can tolerate. Additionally, traveling with a bottle of MCT oil on you is not exactly ideal and therefore people with busy schedules may find it difficult to add it into their routine outside of their morning coffee. Therefore, researchers developed MCT oil in the powder form which appears to solve some of these limitations as it causes less GI distress and can be taken on the go. However, the only potential downside with MCT powder is that it needs to pair with a fiber and some companies may use low quality fibers which may spike insulin.

How can you use MCT oil?

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You can use MCT oil in your morning coffee, in a protein smoothie or as a dressing for your salad!

How can you use MCT powder?

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As some MCT powders are flavored they can be taken on their own. Additionally, some still prefer to add MCT powder into their caffeinated beverage of choice. Lastly, and perhaps the greatest strength of MCT powder is that is can be used in baking!

Does MCTBar have a shelf life ?

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The shelf life is 6 months from the date it’s made. Find the exact Best By date printed on the side of your MCTBar wrapper.

Are MCTBars only for people on the ketogenic diet?

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Absolutely not! MCTBar’s are a great tasting low carbohydrate protein bar suitable for anyone. While, those on a low carb/ketogenic diet may be more familiar with MCT’s they can provide a fast source of energy for everyone!

Can my child eat an MCT bar?

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Coconut oil and MCT oil have been shown in some cases to cause gastric distress. However, when consumed in the powder form MCTs are more GI friendly. Therefore, MCTBar’s are suitable for everyone.

When should I eat an MCT bar?

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MCTBar’s are great for when you’re looking for a quick energy boost on the go. Some of our favorite times to have an MCTBar are:

• When traveling to maintain MCT consumptionFor breakfast to start the day off

• Pre-workout to fuel an intense lift or cardio session

• Post workout to start the recovery process

• Before studying to aid in cognition and satiety

Who is MCTBar owned by?

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MCTBar bar is owned by four friends who love the fit and healthy ketogenic lifestyle.


How much MCT oil is in MCTBar?

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There are 5 grams of MCT oil derived from 100% organic coconuts in an MCTBar.

Does MCTBar contain added sugar?

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No, MCTBar doesn’t contain added sugar.

Are MCTBars Gluten Free?

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Are MCTBars Dairy Free?

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No. The bars contain some traces of milk. 

Are MCTBars Vegetarian?

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MCTBar uses Grass Fed Collagen protein, which is not vegetarian. However, we are working on a vegetarian option for end of 2019.

What is chicory root fiber?

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Chicory root fiber is a plant-based starch that cannot be broken down in the digestive system. Thus, chicory root fiber acts as a pre-biotic which helps promote gut health. Chicory root fiber also contains polyphenols which provides it with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

What is collagen protein?

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Collagen is actually the most abundant protein found in the body. Collagen provides your bones with structural integrity and your skin with its elastic abilities. Collagen protein has been shown to increase muscle mass, bone health, hair health and even reduce joint pain. Collagen protein also can help fix leaky gut syndrome and improve your gut health.

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