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5 Keto Myths: Busted

There is a ton of misinformation being spread right now about keto.
Let's break it down!

Keto myth 1

Keto reduces lean body mass

Response: False!

Plain and simple the National Center for Biotechnology Information published a three month clinical trial proving the Keto diet had no impact on the lean body mass of CrossFit participants.

Keto Myth 2

Keto is not good for long-term weight control

Response: Not True!

A survey published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance found that three of four respondents on a low-carb diet reported losing 10 pounds or more; one-third reported losing more than 30 pounds.

Six out of 10 respondents who were on the diet two years or more reported losing 20 pounds or more and 46% said they lost 3 inches from their waists.

Keto Myth 3

Keto is bad for athletes

Response: False!

Studies show that the ketogenic diet has helped athletes improve their body composition, trim fat, maintain performance and improve recovery.

One study found that after 12 weeks eating a ketogenic diet, endurance athletes cut body fat, increased oxidation and sprint power, and performed better overall on a critical power test compared to athletes on high-carb diets.

Keto Myth 4

Keto causes fatigue and flu-like symptoms

Response: Only partly true

Upon starting the diet, some people report symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches.

However, these short-lived symptoms are, in fact, a sign that the diet is working, and the body is switching over from burning glucose as fuel to burning fat. This is the body's response to up-regulating certain enzymes and down-regulating others. 

Pro-tip: If you're experiencing these symptoms, try drinking some bouillion broth during the day until they go away.

Keto Myth 5

Keto will make you break out

Response: Busted!

One study actually found that carbs are the main culprit in causing acne.

And another study found that low-glycemic diets lessened acne.


Ready to go Keto? Yes!

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